Past Funded Projects

Barclays MoonTrekker Funded Projects

MoonTrekkers have raised over HK$15m for children's education, literacy and environmental sustainability. In 2015, The Nature Conservancy became our nominated charity partner.

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is a leading conservation organisation working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people. The Nature Conservancy addresses the most pressing conservation threats at the largest scale. To date, the Conservancy and its dedicated supporters have been responsible for the protection of more than 119 million acres of ecologically important areas worldwide including cross-border initiatives in the Coral Triangle and the forests of Southeast Asia. The Nature Conservancy now works in more than 35 countries including Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Micronesia, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. 
2018 Barclays MoonTrekker Funded Projects (HK$2m)
(updated report to be provided in May, 2019)

2017 Barclays MoonTrekker Funded Projects (HK$2.6m)

Solomon Islands - Thanks to your support of The Nature Conservancy, conservation rangers and scientists continue to improve their efforts to protect and study the endangered Hawksbill turtle in the Solomon Islands. In addition, the Arnavon Community Marine Park now also has two permanent ranger stations, expanding the capacity of the rangers to deter illegal poaching and ensure the long term survival of this incredible species. During a field visit earlier last year, our scientists were able to gather rare underwater footage from the back of a sea turtle! Check out the video link below.

  • Built a new ranger station on Sikopo Island in the Arnavons.
  • Doubled the number of community rangers working at the Arnavons from 3 to 6 over the past two years. This has created more employment opportunities to the traditional owners of the Aranvons (Kia, Kakapika and Wagina communities) and allowed us to station rangers permanently at both Kereikpa and Sikopo.
  • Nest numbers for the entire Arnavons group were at their highest number ever by the end of 2017, and in July 2018 nest numbers at the Kereihikapa index beach were at an all-time high. 
  • Supporting police and the national ministry to prosecute poachers in Feb 2018. The was the first known instance of poaching since the Arnavons was declared a national park in May 2017.  This case is ongoing and will be the first time poachers will been prosecuted under the Solomon Islands Protected Areas  Act.
  • Supported research into turtle movement patterns (satellite tracking) in 2016 and 2017.
  • Supported KAWAKI women’s group to build their governance structure.

 Papua New Guinea 

  • Supported The Mwanus Endras Asi Resource Development Network (MEARDN) on the south coast of Manus, Papaua New Guinea to implement a management plan for their entire 2.4 million hectare seascape. 
  • MEARDN is made up of eight chief districts covering 15 communities, 10,000 people, and five LLGs. The eight chief districts are represented by their Paramount Chiefs, Pilapan (women) and Wuluo-Pinchuel (youth) representatives. 
  • Trained men and women from MEARDN in socio-economic and ecological monitoring. 
  • Helped the MEARDN Cooperative Society establish an export business for sustainably harvested high value sea cucumbers. For the first time in PNG’s history, a tribal organisation successfully a WWF sustainability certification for their sea cucumbers, harvested, processed, purchased and exported sustainably certified sea cucumbers to Hong Kong. The MEARDN sea cucumber model provided financial returns to local fishers that were 230% higher than the business as usual model.

Indonesia - Thanks in part to your contributions and Barclays MoonTrekker’s support of The Nature Conservancy, more villages in the East Kalimantan province of Indonesia now have increased access to forest and land management tools that will help local communities manage their natural resources in an environmentally friendly way while improving their livelihoods. SIGAP, an approach developed by The Nature Conservancy, empowers communities to be champions for their local economies and environment through sustainable growth opportunities.

Hong Kong - The support of Barclays MoonTrekker and other donors has enabled The Nature Conservancy to continue their conservation work with Hong Kong’s youth and estuaries. While student teams from Nature Works Hong Kong, TNC’s educational program, have begun implementing their environmental projects in their local communities, conservation staff have also been hard at work identifying and studying local species of oysters. The research and data collected will be used to identify and develop restoration plans for Hong Kong’s threatened estuaries.  

MoonTrekker year: 2015
Charity partner: The Nature Conservancy. 
Funded projects: i) development of sustainable leadership in Hong Kong school children through the 'Nature Works' programme, ii) funding for the management of the Coral Triangle, iii) promoting sustainable practices to palm oil producers in Borneo, Indonesia.
Total funds raised: HK$1.5m. 2015 'Nature Works' final report here

MoonTrekker years: 2009 - 2014: 
Charity partner: Room To Read supporting children's education/literacy. Over 30 infrasture projects completed.Total funds raised: HK$7.5m


Shahid Lutfor Rahman Government Primary School - Library [Completion report]
Poirtala Uttar Government Primary School - Library [Completion report]
Madrasha Government Primary School - Library [Completion report] 
Shahera Gofur Government Primary School - Library [Completion report]

Anuradhapura/Sri Lanka:

Hurulumeegahapattiya Viduhala - Library, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka [Completion report]
Siyambalagaswewa Madagama Viduhala - Library, Sri Lanka [Completion report]
Vijaya Maha Viduhala - Library, Sri Lanka [Completion report]

Theberton Tamil Vidyalaya, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka - Library

Shree Shitala Mahila Namuna Primary School,  Library, Bardiya, Nepal
Shree Gyan Jyoti Secondary School - Library, Bardiya, Nepal
Shree Napal Rastriya Secondary School - Library, Bardiya, Nepal

Shree Annapurna Primary School - Library, Dhading, Nepal

Koh Chen Primary School - Library, Kampong Cham, Cambodia [Completion report]
Slab Kdoang Primary School - Library, Cambodia [Completion report]

Government Navin Primary School (Dihapara Giroud) SSA - Library, Chhattisgarh, India [Completion report]
Government Primary School (Railway Station Mandhar) - Library, Chhattisgarh, India [Completion report]
Government Navin Primary School (Bhatapara) SSA - Library, Chhattisgarh, India [Completion report]  

Municipal Corporation Primary School Bharat Nagar - Library, Delhi, India [Completion report]

Namyon Complete Primary School, Laos - Library
Shree Gautam Primary School - Library, Nepal
Bulanawewa Primary School - Primary school, Nepal

Mashaura Government Primary School, Reading Room - Bangledesh

Paikpara Purbo Registered Non-gov’t Primary School, Reading Room - Bangledesh

Government Middle School (Domba) - Reading Room - India

Deonar Colony English Medium Municipal School - Reading Room - India

Khnar Primary School - Reading Room - Cambodia
Sochey Primary School - Reading Room -Cambodia

Namyon Complete Primary School - Constructed Reading Room - Cambodia
Kanhmak Complete Primary School - Reading Room - Cambodia
Nakae complete Primary School - Reading Room - Cambodia

Wannipalugowella Viduhala - Reading Room - Sri Lanka
Namini Oya Srimath Montigopallawa Model Primary School - Reading Room - Sri Lanka


Shree Jagriti Primary School - Reading Room - Nepal
Shree Moti Binayak Lower Secondary School - Reading Room - Nepal

Trung Kien 2 Primary School - Reading Room - Vietnam
Dai Tu Primary School - Reading Room - Vietnam

Chimtende Basic School Reading Room - Zambia

Ta Koch Primary School Reading Room - Cambodia

Krava Primary School Reading Room - Cambodia
Meun Reach Primary School Reading Room - Cambodia

Pangmaeng Primary School Reading Room - Laos
Chomchang Primary School Reading Room - Laos
Paxahouamchai - Complete Primary School Reading Room - Laos
Houaynokkod - Complete Primary School Reading Room - Laos
Lak Sib - Complete Primary School Reading Room -Laos

Shree Shankha Devi Lower Secondary School - Constructed Reading Room - Nepal

Tan Ly Dong Primary School - Reading Room - Vietnam
Tra Con A Primary School - Reading Room - Vietnam

Singithi Divihuru Nivasa Preschool (Trincomalee) - School Room - Sri Lanka

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