Race Rules

Important Information

This isn't just a walk in the park!
MoonTrekker is a serious physical challenge over technical terrain. Be responsible and be adequately prepared (only gym work doesn't count). We strongly suggest you follow our advice; have good quality pre-tested gear (especially torch/shoes) and spares. Most importantly, you should make sure that at least some of your training hikes are done at night. We advise that you have completed the whole course (in parts) within your training at least twice.

Race Rules

At Barclays MoonTrekker we try to keep the rules to a minimum...

1. We have 4 categories: solo, pair, team of four and corporate team of four. Each category will have its own prize pool. For pair and team categories, your official time is that of the last person to cross the finish line. If one team member exits the race, your team will not receive an official time, however, each team member that finishes the race will receive an unofficial time.

2. Each participant must make sure they are fit, able and familiar with the course. We do have a list of mandatory items to bring. Any participant running on the road (other than the most direct crossing) will be immediately disqualified. This is a serious safety breach.

3. Each participant must set-up and SimplyGiving page (an online fundraising platform) raise a minimum of HK$650 per person for MoonTrekker's charity partner – which is collected before the race. You are welcome to make additional contributions after the race. 

4. Failure to collect your race-pack at the official race-pack collection day may result in forefeiture of your place. Why do we have race-pack collection day?

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