Helpful Hints

All fields must be completed! If you are registering a team, please make sure you have all their details before you start.

All participants must set-up a SimplyGiving page. The minimum pledge is HK$650. Your total fundraising will be displayed on the Barclays MoonTrekker leaderboard.


IMPORTANT: Barclays MoonTrekker requires a two-step  payment process:

FIRST STEP: Pay your race-entry fee when you register (see below for race-entry fees).

SECOND STEP: After you have secured your place to the event, you are required to set up a SimplyGiving fundraising page to raise money for our nominated charity - The Nature Conservancy - (minimum HK$650pp). Further details here:

****UPDATE (3.6.20)*****:
Registration opening has been delayed. 

*Registration will open on the 30th July, 2020.
**Pre-public registration 23rd July, 2020. 
*Subject to government approvals.
**Sponsor teams, veteran MoonTrekkers (3x in last 3 years or 5 times anytime), past years top 10 fundraiser and podium finishers).


Payments accepted via MasterCard, Visa and AliPay

*YOUR RACE-ENTRY FEE DOES NOT INCLUDE YOUR FUNDRAISING COMMITMENTAll participants must raise a minimum of HK$650pp in donations in addition to their race-entry fees.  Your donation(s) are tax deductible. Details:



CORPORATE TEAM (4)(details)

Moonlit 30 HK$800 + donation HK$1,600 + donation HK$3,200 + donation HK$3,500 + donation
Sunrise 40 HK$850 + donation HK$1,700 + donation HK$3,400 + donation HK$,3700 + donation

Phoenix 50* details 

HK$850 + donation




Minimum donation = HK$650 per participant


Post event drinks evening.

HK$170pp (inc. two standard drinks + tasty snacks).
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