Sunrise 43

Important Information

This isn't just a walk in the park!
Only you know your own abilities. We strongly suggest you follow our advice, have good quality tested gear (especially torch/phone) and spares. Most importantly, you should make sure that at least some of your training hikes are done at night. We strongly recommend that you have completed the whole course within your training.

Sunrise 43 Course Details

1) Mui Wo ~ Chi Ma Wan Road (via coastline)

Distance: 6km
Elevation: Low

Taking you along the coastal route, the path creeps through abandoned fruit gardens (jack fruit, lychee, wampee and peach), across streams and small beaches to the Chi Ma Wan Road.

From the ferry pier, you head left past the 'China Bear' pub and follow the road for 200m to the Lantau trail trailhead on your right. Follow this for roughly 1km to the top of the headland, bear left downhill and follow the coastal path all the way to the Chi Ma Wan Rd.
For Moonlit 26 - turn right and follow the road for 800m where the next section begins on your right just past the top of a steep hill.
For Sunrise 40 - turn left to the prison - see below.

2) Chi Ma Wan Correctional Institute ~ Chi Ma Wan Road (via Chi Ma Wan peninsular)

Distance: 12km
Elevation: Low to medium

This coastal circular route adds nearly 15km to the race, and has no exit points—so you will need to come prepared. Starting at the woman’s prison at Chi Ma Wan, the path follows one of Hong Kong’s best mountain biking trails. Facing out to the South China Sea, the passing Macau ferries and the blinking lights of Cheung Chau Island will keep you company through this long, lonely stretch...

After the coastal path from Mui Wo, you will hit the Chi Ma Wan Rd, turn left and head towards the Chi Ma Wan correctional facilities. Going past the first prison you drop down to sea level and follow the road for 300m to a junction with a country park sign and a dirt road with 'Landrover tracks' leading to the reservoir. At the reservoir, cross the dam, head up the steps and turn right up the hill. After 300m you hit a junction- take the concrete path right. After a few minutes you will hit another junction with a concrete 'Dragons Tail' or Lung Mei (looks like a concrete pineapple). At the 'pineapple' turn right for the Chi Ma Wan trail and following the natural contour for 9km. There are a couple of small paths off to the left (down to the coast) - do not take any of them. This section takes you back to the Chi Ma Wan Rd.

3) Chi Ma Wan Rd ~ Nam Shan Country Park Centre (via Lantau Trail stage 12)

Distance: 2.5km
Elevation: Medium to high

The first proper hill of the hike takes you up above Pui O village with panoramic views of Pui O beach on the west and Mui Wo town to the east. On a clear night you can see the silhouette of Sunset Peak to the north.

From the Chi Ma Wan Rd opposite the country park entrance (just above Shap Long), you pick up the Lantau Trail up over the small mountain towards Mui Wo. After about 2km, you will come to a fork, head left down to Nam Shan (Mui Wo is straight ahead) and after 10 minutes you will hit the South Lantau Rd (Nam Shan). Here you turn left, down the hill (towards Pui O) for 100m where you will see the start of a single track road on the right. Follow this to the trail head of South Lantau Trail.

4) Nam Shan Country Park Centre ~ Pak Kung Au (via South Lantau Country Trail)

Distance: 8km
Elevation: Low

Fortuitously skirting along the side of Sunset Peak, this long but gentle incline passes a number of refreshing waterfalls and streams. A clear night will provide panoramic views cutting straight through Hong Kong harbour, with the lights of IFC to the right and the now completed International Commerce Centre to the left.

The South Lantau Trail starts about 200m up the single track road (the single track comes off the South Lantau road just past the crest of the first main hill if coming from Mui Wo by bus). Follow the signs for Pak Kung Au (heading West). If you find yourself going up to many steep steps, you are probably heading up Sunset Peak- you need to come back down. Follow this path all the way to Pak Kung Au (Tung Chung Rd).

5) Pak Kung Au (Tung Chung Road) ~ Ngong Ping (via Tei Tong Tsai)

Distance: 4.5km
Elevation: High

This check point may offer temptation to exit to those flagging—this is where the serious uphill begins. It does, however, offer the best views and where you want to be before the sun begins to emerge. Snaking around the Northern slope of Lantau Peak you will see the impeccable vegetable gardens tended to by the monks of Po Lam Zen Monastery. For centuries, this ancient trail formed the only link between Tung Chung old village and Ngong Ping.

From the top of the Tung Chung Road, head down hill (airport direction) on the old abandoned Tung Chung Rd on your left for 500m. You will see the start of the 'nature trail' that leads up to Ngong Ping through Tei Tong Tsai. Follow signs for Ngong Ping. Once you reach Ngong Ping campsite you bear left along the Lantau trail to the base of Lantau Peak.

6) Ngong Ping - Pak Kung Au (via Lantau Peak)

Distance: 4.5km
Elevation: Extreme

The final push of nearly 500m is the steepest and hardest: but challengers will be well-rewarded at the apex. The ascent from Ngong Ping (near the big Buddha) to the Summit of Lantau Peak (by 6.21am to beat official sunrise) will take some effort. After a quick photo opportunity you can head all the way back down to Pak Kung Au.

From the base it is straight up, and straight down.

7) Pak Kung Au to finish (new finish in 2014) (via Tung Chung Rd / Lantau Trail)

Distance: 5.25km
Elevation: Medium descent

A new finish for 2014 requires an extra 3km of hiking. The good news is that the descent is more gradual.


Once you hit Pak Kung Au (base of Lantau Peak) you take the new Tung Chung Rd South (away from the Airport) for 2km. Here, you come off the road by some steps on your left, to join the Lantau Trail (water catchment). Following the catchwater in an easterly direction for about 1.5km until you hit the path, follow it down to Pui O. Once you enter Pui O, there is a path by the first bus stop on the right side of the road (Tung Chung direction) that leads across some beautiful fields to Pui O beach. 

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